Stephanie Ospina CV

   Greater London, Wimbledon, SW20  ‎  🎾 @OspinaStephanie  Stephanie Ospina   Stephanie Ospina  Stephypii EDUCATION 2014 – 2015 Kingston University Business School    Ranked 18th Best arts and cultural management masters in the world by… Continue reading

”Blogging is not just Blah Blah Blah…”

  Once upon a time there was a girl, who was born  in Bogotá, Colombia, and she lived there till she was 10 years old, so Spanish is her mother tongue. Afterwards a… Continue reading

Dragons Dean Final..Rebrella and her last oppurtunitity to impress the Dragons

With a bit of melancholy I have to admit, the day, much feared by all of us, finally arrived, Dragons´ Dean Final. We knew that we would be judged by external Dragons, whom… Continue reading

Rebrella @ the Celebrate Enterprise Trade Fair

I still do not believe that this wonderful experience is almost ending, now we are almost to the last efforts. In fact, after we have sewn our Rebrellas by hand, we decided to… Continue reading

Rebrella : Interview by a Fashion YouTube Vlogger

The Youtube Interview If you remember my blog post: THE DAY REBRELLA MADE HER FIRST PUBLIC APPEARANCE AT THE YOUNG ENTERPRISE TRADE FAIR when I talked about the Trade fair, on that event we realize how first… Continue reading

Everyone was a Finalist at the Bright Ideas Competition

Bright Ideas Competition is the chance that Kingston University Students have in order to launch a new product, service, or project and to compete with other students with the opportunity to win: Four… Continue reading

Rebrella advertisement

Brainstorming the Rebrella Ad The 11th of February 2015 Create a bit reunited to start the brainstorming of  the Advertisement for Rebrella.  As a group we’ve decided to each of us come to the… Continue reading

”Good design is all about making other designers feel like idiots because that idea wasn’t theirs.” – Frank Chimero

Packaging Create a Bit reunited with other Designing a Business teams including Undergraduate and Postgraduates students for a Branding and Packaging Class. The First question we’ve been asked was why the ‘Banana peel is… Continue reading

The day Rebrella made her first public appearance at the Young Enterprise Trade Fair

Here we are back from vacation, and Createabit were somewhat disconsolate by the Dragons feedback, it was almost as if we were hoping for a brilliant idea to come in our heads during… Continue reading

What #Mace14 taught us until now

The first blog post I wrote was in October 2014 and his title was: ‘ Am I creative enough?’  And it narrated the curiosity and fears to get know the other students in… Continue reading